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Rum Tasting

Our by far most popular activity is rum tasting. We arrange quite a number of rum tasting events, open to the general public, throughout the year and you can find the dates towards the bottom of this page. If you are a larger group, you can book private rum tastings at Havanna. Our very own rum guru, Per Ädel, describes his tasting events with his own words below:

“My interest in rum started in 2004. Since then I have not only carried on learning about this drink, but also all of the stuff connected to it. I regularly travel to learn from the pros – i.e. the locals – in the different geographical locations where rum is produced. I take all this knowledge with me to my tasting sessions, where I hope to give You more of an understanding of what kind of journey this drink has made, and that it’s still doing today. I also talk about different styles of rum and hope to be able to answer Your specific questions about this glorious drink. I look forward to meeting You!”

Kind regards
Per Ädel
Swedish Rum Ambassador



To book, please call +46(0)340 205 506 or +46(0)340 10050

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